Skyscrapers hanging over the abyss, suspended over a mysterious forest. A waking dream? The whim of a confused memory? An AI version of Alice in Wonderland? Created by graphic designer Laura Cocchi, this year’s GIFF poster pays tribute to the theme of its 24th edition: reality/transreality

“Transreality is the world we live in today, says GIFF Artistic and General Director Emmanuel Cuénod. That is to say a strange, disconcerting place where physical and virtual reality coexist, a world where apps influence our sexual and social behavior, guide our choices, and steer us through a transport network. In return, we modify the machine, saturating it with distorted, prismatic views of our own existence and needs. It is a new age of baroque that is unfolding in a digital version.”
To symbolize transreality, Laura Cocchi took her inspiration from Asia’s megacities with their marked color contrasts, where nature and concrete coexist at the same level. “With the powerful presence of the name of the Festival, I also wanted to pay tribute to the verticality and flashy luminosity of Hong Kong’s neon signs, which enliven abstract tranquility, like paintings visible in the background.”