This month, in the context of its PLUGS programme, Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans connects with the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (30 June – 8 July 2017) to present, in association with NIFFF, Ghost House VR, an original installation featuring four virtual reality works produced by Swiss and French artists. The installation will complement the NIFFF INVASION programme, which invites the general public to explore ‘fantastic’ culture in a fun, summery atmosphere.

Festival Tous Ecrans will also partner up with the NIFFF EXTENDED programme, a series of conferences and debates bringing together some one hundred Swiss and international experts, by participating in the conference ‘Effects of immersive media on the narrative’, on Wednesday 5 July, from 15:15 to 16:15. Click here for more details.

From 30 June to 8 July, Collège de la Promenade, 17:00 – 21:30, free entrance

Ghost House – HEAD – Genève

Inspired by ghost trains, this installation seeks to put your senses to the test. Experience the sensations of a ghost, what it feels when it flies around, passes through walls, hears and sees the living… Ghost House is both a virtual reality experience for the spectator wearing the headset and a performance for the public witnessing the adventure from the outside.

Ximoan – HEAD – Genève

Ximoan is a collaborative experience based on Aztec mythology. It invites a player to lie down and go on a journey through the afterlife, while another player embodies a shaman. Stuck in hell, the ‘deceased’ explores a virtual world to get to heaven. His virtual trip will depend entirely on the skill of the shaman who, unlike the deceased, stays behind in the real world. He must play an ancient Aztec instrument and his performance will determine the experience of the deceased.

Sergent James – Floréal Films & Digital Immersion

©Artfact fotolabz
It is time to go to bed for Leo. But when his mum turns off the light, the little boy thinks there is something hiding under his bed…

Hell Eluja – Oniroforge

Hell Eluja is an asymmetric multiplayer game in virtual reality. A first player plays the role of a hero immersed in a dark and unforgiving virtual world. Left to his own devices, he must survive and escape. The second player plays the role of the bad guy, the Master of the Dungeon.